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Conor Hackett


Conor is a Software Engineer based in London, UK. Previous positions include Innovation @Worldpay and Engineering @GlintPay and @Zopa.


I have been based in London for nearly 4 years and have been a busy commuter all this time. Over these years I have noticed my TFL account has had numerous so called incomplete journeys, with penalty fares each time I log in. I need to then apply for a refund for each journey.

Oyster Alerts was born out of this often forgotten and time consuming task of checking my account. I decided to build this site as others might find it useful and as it turns out, London passengers part with a considerable amount of money each year, due to these penalty fares.

This service is free to use. All you need to do is register here and link your TFL account.

-- Conor

Oyster Alerts, Lynton Labs Limited or Conor Hackett are not in any way associated or affiliated with Transport for London or the Oyster travel brand.